The Authorial Design Studio has successfully functioned in the market for over 20 years.

The Studio offers:

  • complete (full-discipline) blueprint packages for all types of buildings and facilities: residential, services & commercial, industrial, agricultural, sports & recreational and other;
  • single-family home plans - both authorial designs and customisation of ready-made plans;
  • plot plans with all accompanying infrastructure;
  • energy performance certificates for all types of buildings;
  • comprehensive management of planning & construction processes;
  • other custom commissions.

Solutions proposed in my works are simple and economical, they can be either customary or most up-to-date - depending on client's preferences and expectations.

In addition to the creation of drawings, I manage entire projects from A to Z: from preparing a terrain plan, through receiving all the preliminary approvals and technical provisions, to being finally granted a construction permit. I take care of all the paperwork and make all the necessary arrangements with specialists in other disciplines (construction, electricity, etc.).

I look forward to cooperating with you!